I would like to start a new writing group populated with serious writers.

I am willing to meet on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday evenings; or the group could meet mornings, afternoons or on weekends.

By serious writers, I mean people who write on a regular basis and think carefully about what they write, as well as what they  read.  Serious writers read widely.  Serious writers write regularly.  Serious writers welcome critique, listen to it despite the pain - and then decide thoughtfully what to do with the critique.  Serious writers write from the heart, but don't end up with Roses are red poetry.

Serious writers do not need to be specifically educated or trained in writing.  Nor do they need to be professional writers.  They do not need to be any specific age or gender.  Serious writers do not need to write only in prose.  Or in fiction.  All genres are welcome.

I have been in groups with well-intentioned writers who don't take time to write, and who think anything - Anything - someone else writes is good.  Comments that involve the sentences, "Oh, that's really good.  I like it" are not really helpful to any writer. 
More helpful are comments like, "That character is well written, but is almost too good to be true.  What flaws does s/he have?"  or  "I think you have too much explanation at the beginning.  Look at the paragraph that begins, 'She stepped from the bathroom with the towel held in front of her.  The lights came on and twenty acquaintances screamed, "Surprise!"  The towel fell from her . . .'  Start there.  It really pulls me in."  Or,  "You end this too quickly.  It's almost as if you got tired of writing.  If you draw the ending out by adding . . ."  Or, "The fight scenes are clear and have great energy, but the love scenes feel as if you're embarrassed to write them.  They need more authenticity."

Critique does not mean focusing only on the negative.  Good writers need to hear what they are doing well too.  In the examples I provided above, I tried to show the positives.

I have, of course, a selfish reason for wanting to start a writing group:  I want clear, thoughtful feedback on my own writing, and I'm willing to provide the same kind of feedback to my compatriots.

A writing group provides discipline, something most writers - including me - need.  Having a monthly meeting with a deadline keeps us honest.

Writing is a lonely occupation.  We sit by ourselves with our computer or typewriter or pad and pencil.  The blank screen or page stares at us, and we strive to fill it.  We write, we rewrite, we edit, and we rewrite yet again before we are satisfied we have a worthy first draft.  Then the work begins.

If you'd like to be a part of a writers group, pleas comment below or contact me at the bottom of my LINKS page.